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Sonora Bank System Upgrade Announcement

Sonora Bank - Banking System Upgrade

At Sonora Bank we’ve been able to provide the best banking experience for our customers for over 100 years. Doing this requires change. Sometimes the change is large and sometimes it’s small. We are happy to announce that we will be upgrading to the best banking system that the industry has to offer beginning August 30th through the Labor Day weekend. The upgrade will include changes to your online/phone banking, mobile applications, statements, bill pay/transfers, ATM, and debit/ATM cards thus giving you everything you’ve wanted with a banking institution and more. You’ll have the latest technology available and you will see an updated look and feel to your applications.

You’re probably wondering why we chose Labor Day weekend to do our upgrade. This gives us time to ensure the upgrade meets yours and our expectations. We are hopeful to have you up and running before the end of the weekend but want to make sure we have ample time to give you the very best of service.

Listed below is additional information regarding the upgrade:

Online/Phone Banking
The Sonora Bank Online/Phone banking system will be unavailable from August 29th – September 3rd. During this time, changes will be made to the system. Once the online/phone banking is back in place, the User ID’s for customers will remain the same but the passwords will need to be reset.

Mobile Applications
Mobile banking will also be unavailable from August 29th – September 3rd. After the upgrade is complete, customers who have the Sonora Bank Apple Application will need to perform an upgrade on their phone. Customers who have an Android phone will need to re-download the application.

Upon the completion of the upgrade, all statements will now cycle at the end of the month. Customers who received a statement prior to end of month will receive an additional statement for August.

All Sonora Bank ATM’s will be updated on August 28th beginning at 3:00 AM and ending by noon on that Wednesday.

Debit Cards/ATM Cards
The upgrade process for the debit/ATM cards will commence on August 28th. There should be no interruption to your debit card service.

Bill Pay/Transfers
The ability to make changes with Bill Pay will be unavailable from August 22nd – September 3rd. Customers will not be able to add a new Bill Pay item after August 22nd at 3:00 PM. Bill Pay items scheduled through August 29th will process normally and items scheduled after August 29th will process when Online Banking becomes available on September 3rd. In addition, the last date for External Transfers to be added is August 22nd at 3:00 PM.

While the upgrade is scheduled throughout the Labor Day weekend, be assured that all resources are being utilized. Bank staff will be working over the weekend to complete and ensure you that you are receiving the best service available. We apologize for any inconvenience the upgrade may cause. We know that this may be disruptive to your banking needs, and we appreciate your understanding. Feel free to check our website at http://sonorabank.com for updated information and further communication. For questions or more information, call the Sonora Branch at 325-387-3861, the Sherwood Branch at 325-949-0099, the Southland Branch at 325-947-2100, the Boerne Branch at 830-331-9118 or 1 (800) 898-1888.