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Visa Prepaid Card

PLEASE NOTE the PIN number for the card. The PIN number is found on the card carrier where the card was attached. DO NOT write the PIN number on the card.

Do I need to do anything before using the card, or is it ready to go?
Be sure to activate the card before attempting to use it. To activate: Call the Automated Customer Service toll free at 800-418-3971 or go online at https://www.onlinecardaccess.com/vistibgift

How do I know what the card balance is?
You can obtain the balance online "FREE" at https://www.onlinecardaccess.com/vistibgift or by calling Automated Customer Service toll free at 800-418-3971.

How do I make purchases with the card?
The most cost effective way to use the card is by using it just like a VISA credit card when making purchases. By utilizing the PIN or by a signature-based transaction you will avoid fees.

What if the balance is not enough to cover the purchase and I want to pay the difference using some other method (cash, check or credit card)?
This is called a split sale or split payment. To successfully complete a split sale/payment you must know the card balance and you must advise the merchant that this is what you would like to do.

Can I use the card at an ATM?

  • Yes. You can get cash at ATM's that display any of the following symbols: Pulse, NYCE, Star and Plus.
  • However, please note that all ATM's charge fees. A fee of $1.25 also applies, in addition to any fee charged by the ATM owner (varies).
  • Select withdrawal from checking when using an ATM

Why did my VISA gift card transaction get declined?

  • If the amount of an ATM withdrawal, including fees, exceeds the card balance the transaction will be declined.
  • The merchant was not notified that a split sale/purchase was desired.
  • The cardholder did not know the card balance on the VISA gift card.
  • If the cardholder address was not included on the enrollment form, online purchases cannot be made.
  • "Pay-at-the-Pump" transactions will NOT be approved.

Other helpful hints:
When a purchase gets declined the merchant DOES NOT know the reason. ATM withdrawals are declined due to either choosing the option for credit card, or the balance on the card is insufficient to cover the desired amount plus the $1.25 fee associated with cash transactions AND the fee charged by the ATM owner.